It typically takes one to four months to complete a work. The time to completion depends on a number of factors, the most important of which are the amount of source material and the time frame in which that material is gathered.

The process breaks down into four phases:

In phase one, I meet with the client as often as may be necessary for me to collect the information that I need. Depending on the amount of information involved, two to five meetings, for several hours each, would typically be required. Over the course of these visits the photos will be selected, labeled and scanned.  The dimensions of the finished piece are  determined at this time.

All information is original and is taken from family photographs, documents, photographed artifacts and original elements that I create based on the client’s personal preferences in art and architecture.  

In the second phase, I will prepare these elements on the computer and begin working on composition. We will meet as needed to discuss the direction of the piece.

In the third phase I will be creating the work and at the end of this phase I will present a largely completed print for viewing before the final printing.

The fourth and final phase is the printing, which may take some additional weeks. Then the process is complete.

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