My artistic vision is inspired by the enigmatic face of collected personal experience.

Using scanned family photographs and photographs of important artifacts as a starting point, I transform a personal or family story into an evocative, original work of art. In this way, I address a broad spectrum of themes, including childhood, home and the pivotal events of a life. The final product is an archival-quality print inspired by the aesthetic sensibility of a mural.

My goal in the creation of each piece is to present the complexity of a story through the voice of literal images and their subtle metaphorical juxtapositions. This careful weaving is intended to capture the everyday and the extraordinary in the same net, providing the viewer with a fresh perspective on both.

What will The Personal Landscape of your family history, your portrait, your personal experience look like?


The homepage displays a panel from The Huebscher Family, a work that represents the genealogical history and life story of Herbert Huebscher, a Holocaust survivor. The Family History Page shows a reproduction of the entire work, which offers an idea of the epic sweep of the piece.

Upon completion, I created two books that catalogue the people and places in the piece. The family lived in Austria and Poland before WWII, and a print of the work and a copy of the companion book are in the collection of the Jewish Museum in Vienna, Austria.